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Mold Testing

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Your living or working space should consist of quality air and other conditions that aren’t harmful to your health. How can you know if you are breathing quality air or contaminated air? Our mold testing specialists at Sacramento Mold Removal Services can inform you by quickly testing the air spaces in your home or office. We only charge budget-friendly prices and provide our clients will all the evidence they need before we begin mold treatment. Ask us and we will gladly provide you with the best valued mold testing estimate in the greater Sacramento area.

Mold Detection: Air Test & Sight Test
Air samples can be analyzed in a variety of ways. Our team of specialists believe in using only the most accurate and efficient methods by checking the concentration and presence of mold spores present in your air. Then, we identify the type and nature of mold which determines the treatment options best for mold abatement. If we can spot elevated mold with growth visibly noticeable an air quality test migh not be necessary, as the mold remedial process is a given. See we care about our clients providing them with all the knowledge they need to have when it comes to mold testing and mold treatment.

Why mold home testing kits are unreliable
When faced with a problem and in this case a mold problem, we tend to think we could run to the home improvement store, purchase a mold home testing kit and perform a mold detection test ourselves. It’s a bad idea and I’ll tell you why. Home testing kits don’t come with a visual inspection done by a professional. Mold testing should not only include sampling, but also a comprehensive visual inspection to detect any mold issues in and around your property. In addition, home testing kits only measure the presence of mold and therefore offers no to little analysis about the type or nature of the mold sample.

When to consider mold testing

If you notice a damp smell in your home or work spaces and you don’t notice any visible mold growth, we at Sacramento Mold Removal Services encourage you to contact us and book a mold test today, as we can reveal whether there is elevated mold and where it is located. Before buying a new home, check for traces of previous water leaks and give us a call. Our trained mold testing specialists will satisfy your mold suspicions by even testing for elevated mold behind walls. Your doctor might be unable to pinpoint health issues you are experiencing - this is a tell tale sign that you should schedule a mold test. Give yourself some peace of mind, eliminate mold as a potential health threat.

The Environmental Protection Agency

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, sampling for mold is best conducted by trained professionals who are experienced in carrying out mold sampling protocols, and interpreting the results of any mold testing done. At Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we suggest that you follow the guidelines as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency, as this is exactly the type of mold testing services we provide. Their is no skimming with us - our protocols, sampling and interpretations have been refined over many years of testing experience and investing in mold training for all our staff members.

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