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Mold Inspecting

insurance adjuster inspecting abandoned building

In Sacramento, many property owners face the possibility of mold infestations. Not only is mold detrimental to one’s health, mold growth can damage your furnishings as well as structural elements like floors, walls and ceilings. Mold will grow and thrive under the right conditions. Keep watch for the following sources of moisture inside and oustide your home that may lead to mold infestations; leaky roofs, plumbing leaks, humidifiers, improper cooking ventilation and a damp basement. Inspecting your home for mold can be a daunting task. Leave your mold concerns to us at Sacramento Mold Removal Services - our contractors know how to conduct a thorough mold inspection and provide our clients with the best possible remedial mold solutions.

How can I tell if my home is moldy?
You may suspect that you have mold if you notice a speckled growth on walls or furniture, or if you smell an earthy odour - and we are not talking about a natural smell here. Another indicator of mold contamination is when you and your family are experiencing allergies or are suffering from mold related health conditions. Signs of past or ongoing water damage should also flag the need for a thorough mold inspection and assessment. For all your mold related problems, Sacramento Mold Removal Services has got a solution. Contact us today, and one of our contractors will quickly identify those damp conditions that foster mold growth.

Why should I schedule a mold inspection?
As a landlord or homeowner the responsibility of keeping your property mold free is considered a housekeeping task, just like you would do with yard maintenance or plumbing repairs. Do you consider yourself to be a reliable air sampler that can measure the presence of unwanted micro-organisms? That’s excatly why you have us and how you can avoid a DIY mold inspection - Sacramento Mold Removal Services only use top of the range mold measuring equipment that is not readily available to the general public and our mold detection methods are accurate and reliable, as it is conducted by our team of expert mold contractors who have been at it for years.

Mold Inspection vs. Mold Testing
Mold inspection and mold testing are two very different services, each with their own set of costs.At Sacramento Mold Removal Services,we will clear-up any misunderstandings by giving you a comprehensive comparison for each of these services. Mold testing attempts to detect the type mold in your building and how many spores are present in the air. Whereas a mold inspection aims to determine the presence of mold and generally defines the size of the problem, usually in square footage. Approach us today and we will gladly advise you which option is best for your mold needs.

What happens during a mold inspection?

A typical mold inspection is conducted by one of our trained, insured and certified mold technicians. We speak with the property owner and inspect the areas that have been pointed out to us. Our technicians however, take initiative and check for areas at your property where moisture build up is prevalent. When we suspect mold build up in areas that are difficult to access, we will reach behind drywall and even remove panelling to get a better look. Upon completion of the inspection and establishing the source of the mold problem, we will speak with the property owner and develop a remedial plan.

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