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woman looking at mold wall damage at home

As a residential or commercial property owner, landlord or renter in Sacramento you might have a couple of unanswered questions related to mold. Whether you would like to know more about the health implications associated with mold growth, possible structural damages related to mold infestations, how mold inspections are conducted or simply how to treat unwanted mold present on your property. At Sacramento Mold Removal Sevices, we have got all the answers you seek. Let’s do a mold knowledge test run. Why does mold grow? We are surrounded by mold and most of the time it is unseen to the human eye - given the right conditions. Mold will become visible if an organic material is present, if there is water source and a lack of air flow.

Can I remove mold myself?

Some molds are safe enough for a DIY removal but consulting one of our mold removal experts at Sacramento Mold Removal Services is desired. We advise homeowners or home renters to not deal with any mold related issues themselves. The main reason for our advice is that cross contamination with mold spores is a highly likely going to be a result of doing it yourself. When disturbed, mold becomes airborne and it can travel to other areas of your home causing more damage than the already existing mold issue. Rather call our well trained and certified team of mold technicians for safe mold removal.

Who should remove mold?

In order to ensure safe mold removal, you will need to hire the right company for the job. Before deciding which company is best for the job, you can complete a check list. The company must be certified like us and should have a well trained team of mold specialists that possess the knowledge and experience to prevent cross-contamination. Most importantly an inspection should be the primary step during the mold removal process. Our company, will conduct an inspection - determining the source of your mold problem, scope of work to remove the mold and the costs associated with mold removal. Call us today for a step by step breakdown.

What is a safe level of mold?

Global industry standards suggest that safe levels of mold are determined by taking an air sample from the inside of a building and comparing it to the air found outside. Collecting spore samples will however, be different during summer and winter months. If sample collection is not properly collected, results will produce an inaccurate analysis. Rather approach us at Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we know how to follow global industry standards. During colder months, we compare spore samples not to the air found outside of your home, but from a mold sample inside the opposite area of your home. We know mold!

Is all mold harmful?

Obviously us humans react differently to mold. Some individuals will be more sensitive to mold exposure than others. Every mold situation is therefore unique and potential health effects will vary accordingly. A consensus we can reach is the fact that certain types of mold are more harmful than others and when mold spores become elevated, any type of mold can affect the human body. A couple of very toxic types of mold do exist, one of the more harmful ones is Stachybotrys known as black mold which should not be present in any living space. To conclude, any type of mold could be potentially harmful.

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