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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

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We do not only specialize in residential mold removal services, but offer our bigger clients the commercial mold removal services they need for those extra square feet. Protect yourself and your workforce, not only from business interruptions, but from the serious health risks associated with mold exposure found at your commercial property. Contact us at Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we respond quickly and complete commercial mold removal tasks minus the inconvenience because we are aware of the fact that every hour spent fixing your commercial mold issue is an hour of lost revenue. Caring for your business is our top priority.

Challenges: Commercial mold remediation

We have adequate training, experience and equipment to deal with all the unique challenges we face when we remediate commercial properties in Sacramento. Firstly, we contain the mold infestation and prevent its spread to other parts of your commercial building. Next, we devise a remediation plan unique to your property needs that will enable us to manage the moldy situation to preloss condition. Seeing that commercial properties carry more safety responsibilities and precautions than residential buildings, we have got you safety checked. Apart from our outstanding safety regulations, we have got backup for any type of technician, whether upholstery cleaning is needed or if water damage restoration is required.

What causes a commercial mold problem?

Schools and work spaces especially when buildings are quite old may lack proper ventilation. Ventilation not being up to par combined with loads of humidity and high temperatures, as we experience here in Sacramento, is a breeding ground for mold. Commercial mold issues are also the direct result of a plumbing problem,  leaky roof or storm. No matter the cause, our mold remediation technicians can adress the issue and provide you with technical reports that demonstrates our commitment to keeping all interest parties out of harms way. Choose our professional mold removal and remediation solutions today!

Prevention is better than cure

Just opened a new business? Worried about your customers and staff? Well you should be - caring about the health of your clients and staff does a great job at showing how you are committed as a business owner. We at Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we arm you with the knowledge to identify possible areas in your building that might be prone to mold collection. Yes, you heard us, we help you to prevent mold growth thus avoiding those costly future mold removal bills. Always check entryways, when hot air from outside mixing with cooler air on the inside, condensation takes place and leads to moist areas on doors and windows.

Our target market

Let’s establish which commercial mold removal and remediation services we specialize in. Sacramento Mold Removal Services have performed mold remediation in schools, offices, apartment buildings, hospitals and industrial plants. We have collaborated with business and property owners, principals and architects to execute our mold remediation plans. Our services don’t stop at removal and abatement, our experts assist with insurance claims and we pride ourselves in our ability to assign one project manager for each commercial mold service we provide - giving you one point of contact for addressing any concerns or queries.

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