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Sacramento Mold
Removal Services

Sacramento CA Mold Inspection,
Testing, and Remediation

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We are proud to be serving the Sacramento community by taking care of all your mold related issues. Whether you are suspecting a mold infestation or you are giving your guest-house a much needed inspection or deep mold removal cleanse, we have all the mold solution services you seek. At Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we pride ourselves in our client centred approach each moldy spore of the way.

Your health, the health of your tenants or colleagues is our number one priority - please refer to our section about mold and health. Our licensed, insured and trained specialists promise to give you the healthy environment you deserve.

About Us

Our company has served the greater Sacramento area for years. Your health and safety is what we strive to achieve every-time we tackle a new mold related project. We believe in  a client centred approach, delivering only state of the art mold related services - ranging from mold inspections all the way through to mold remediation. Our main mission is to not only ensure that your home or commercial property is mold free, but to ensure that we eliminate possible future mold infestations. At Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we accomplish this because we have only the best trained, certified and insured mold technicians.

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    Our Services

    At Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we boast a wide array of solutions for both residential and commercial properties. In addition, we specialise in any type of surface prone to mold growth. Our team of specialists do go beyond the services we offer, for us identifying the root cause of your mold infestation is most important. Our remedial services are not successful by chance - it is designed to measure the extent of elevated mold and uncover the culprit that leads to excessive moisture build up. This is why we assess your ventilation system and check for water leak damage behind walls before restoring your property to its pre-mold state.

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    Mold & Health

    A non-scientific term for various types of potentially hazardous fungi found inside or outside of your building. It is associated with untoward health effects and therefore one should take precautions and ensure that home and office structures are mold free - we care about your health and so should you. Leave all your mold issues to us at Sacramento Mold Removal Services - only a qualified mold removal specialist can guarantee not only the safety of all the individuals occupying the buidling, but also the creation of an allergy and infection free environment.

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    Mold Inspecting

    Do yourself a favour and avoid a DIY mold inspection job. Our top of the range mold measuring equipment outmatches any of our competitors. We provide our clients with accurate and reliable mold testing analysis, as our team of expert mold inspectors have been conducting mold inspections for many years. Call us today to schedule a mold inspection and we will gladly provide you with a detailed mold management action plan.

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    Mold Testing

    At Sacramento Mold Removal Service we believe in analyzing your air in more than one way. Thinking of purchasing one of those home mold testing kits at a home imporvement shop in Sacramento? Think again. Rather rely on us for all your mold testing needs. Our state of the art protocols, sampling and interpretations have been perfected by years of mold testing experience. We bet you’ll be impressed by our accurate methods and informative analysis - finally say hello to full mold abatement.

    “Thank goodness I approached Sacramento Mold Removal Services for a mold test. They responded swiftly and provided me with an extremely detailed test analysis and removed all the mold from my basement. I’m truly impressed with how they conducted the mold test according to industry standards, a job well done. ” – Susan, B.

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    “After experiencing heath issues, my doctor was unable to pinpoint the cause. I decided to contact Sacramento Mold Removal Services to inspect my home for traces of mold. Their certified, trained and insured technician discovered the infestation within minutes and provided me with a detailed remedial plan. I’m extremely thankful  for knowing that my health is no longer affected.” – Sasha, D.

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    “Before I launched my business, I had to establish if my business property was mold free. Sacramento Mold Removal Services conducted a very thorough mold inspection and my business was in the clear. After the inspection, I received a mold free clearance certificate which my employees really valued. Big thanks!” – Pete, M.

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    Mold Removal & Remediation

    We kick start our mold removal and mold remediation tasks by creating a direct line of communication between our assigned project manager and client, keeping you informed and completing removal and remediation services as efficiently as possible. We also employ the most advanced technologies for removing those unwanted toxic mold spores lurking around your home or office - leaving you with clean quality air for a healthy lifestyle. At Sacramento Mold Removal Services, we promise to not only remove your mold, but locate the source responsible for mold growth.

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    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    We offer our bigger clients the commercial mold removal services covering those extra square feet in all of Sacramento. Our mission is to to protect your business and your employees from the serious health risks associated with mold exposure. Approach us at Sacramento Mold Removal Service, as we complete our mold removal and remediation tasks minus the inconvenience because we know every hour spent on fixing your mold issue is an hour’s worth of lost revenue. Clearly we care about your health and your business.

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    You have got a question? We have got the answers at Sacramento Mold Removal services whether you are a landlord, business owner or tenant. We cover all the important questions related to any mold issues you might be experiencing; Why does mold grow? Who should take care of all your mold issues? Why should I schedule a mold test? Please browse through our F.A.Q. service page and let us clue you up with some much needed moldy knowledge.

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    Contact Us Today

    We know you are interested in making sure your property is mold free, please contact us on our main service number provided on our website and one of our technicians will gladly pay you a visit and draft an estimate catering to your mold needs. You can also fill out our online contact form and schedule an appointment for one of our mold removal or remedial services. Our customer service representatives are eager to assist you in anyway they can!